Free to use, get 3,000 yen when hired Recruiting service specialized for foreigners in Tokai region


What is nanacone?


Nanacone is a recruiting service specialized for foreigners in Tokai region. You may communicate with the company in your native language from applying to adoption. If you get a job with use of Nanacone, you can get 3,000 yen as a gift ! (up to twice half a year) As of April 2019, only people living in Tokai 3 prefectures (Aichi, Gifu, Mie) will be able to apply for part-time job. For people living outside Tokai 3 prefectures , please wait until we expand the service area. We have a patent pending.

Dedicated staffs for each language support you

Nguyen Thi My Duyen
Sion Tan

Service characteristics

Gift money

You can get a gift of 3,000 yen when the company confirm your employment on the day after one week from the first workoing day. (You need to apply in the app to get the gift money)

Lots of jobs listed for foreigner

Absolutely no language barrier The app supports English and Vietnamese! You will receive a message from the company in a translated message! It provides information that foreigners place importance on looking for part-time jobs, such as the level of Japanese required by a company and whether people of the same nationality are enrolled at work.

Absolutely free!

You do not need to pay any money in each recruiting process, such as searching, applying or interviewed even when the company recruits you.

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